NEW Online Banking FAQ

General information about the Southcoast Online Banking system and how to enroll can be found here.

Can I use my existing login information from the old system?

No. Because the new system contains many more features than the old one, you must create a brand new login and set up new security information. Your old information will not work on this system.

What information do I need to auto-enroll?

  • Primary checking or savings account number (You cannot use an account on which you have any other relationship – i.e. joint, power of attorney, signer, etc.)
  • Name exactly as it is listed on your account at the bank (If you used your full first and middle name, you will need to use both to auto-enroll)
  • Date of birth, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (If you enter it in any other format, the system will reject the auto-enrollment)
  • An email address on file with the bank (If you are not sure if the bank has an updated email address, you should contact your local branch first. An email address cannot be changed or added without signed authorization from you.)

What if I am unable to auto-enroll?

  • Check your data. Make sure you are using an account you have access to, that the name is what's on the account at the bank, that the birthday is formatted exactly as YYYY-MM-DD and that you have an email address on file.
  • If you are still unable to auto-enroll, contact your local branch.

I am a business customer. Can I auto-enroll in Online Banking?

Business customers are not authorized to auto-enroll in Online Banking. You must contact your local branch so you can be setup by your Bank Representative.

When I go to auto-enroll, I noticed the email address field is blank or has the wrong email address but I can't change it. What do I do?

The information contained in that field is what exists on the bank's system. If there is nothing there, it means you have no email address on file. You will need to contact your local branch to add an email address or update an incorrect one before proceeding with auto-enrollment. If you try to proceed, auto-enrollment will fail or send the temporary login credentials to the wrong email address.

The temporary password you sent me is not working. What do I do?

The temporary passwords are complex passwords for security purposes, meaning they contain meaningless sets of letters, numbers and special characters. Sometimes, it's easier to copy and paste the password into the password field than try to type it. We've found that this works most of the time. If you copy and paste it, make sure you select only the characters of the password. If you grab extra spaces, it will not work. Also, when you get to the screen where you have to enter the old password in and provide a new password (after providing the temporary password), either paste or type the temporary password into the old password field again. It looks as if it's already filled in but it's not - it will error out and not let you proceed. If you try this and still continue to have problems, please contact your local branch and they will be able to reset your password.

I never received the email with the temporary password.

All emails from Online Banking come from You should check your spam filter for any of these emails and make sure you have added that address to any whitelist/allowed email address list.

I am entering my login ID and immediately receiving a challenge question I don't remember providing the answer to. What is the problem?

If you are receiving a challenge question that you explicitly remember NOT answering, it means you are using the wrong Login ID. If you can't remember the proper ID, your local branch should be able to provide it for you and walk you through getting logged in. We are working to get the system to better notify people when this is happening but in the meantime, we hope that providing this answer here will help some of the confusion.

I have to provide an answer to one of my Challenge Questions every time I login. How do I keep from having to do this?

When logging in, if the system does not recognize the computer you're using, it will ask you one of your Challenge Questions to verify that you are the person authorized to use the account. If you want to avoid having to do this every time you login from a computer your trust, you can check the "Please recognize this computer when I login" box after answering your questions. The next time you login from that computer, you will be taken directly to the password screen. It is recommended that you only do this for computers you trust, and not public computers where others might have access to your login information, like work or the library.

I checked "Please recognize this computer when I login" and things were working ok for awhile but now it's asking me for my Challenge Question again.

Did you recently clear your cookies or temporary internet files? By checking the box, the system places a small file in your Internet Browser folders that stores or exchanges no information. It is there simply as a marker for the site to look for when you visit so it knows that you are logging in from a recognized computer. Clearing your browser cookies or cache (or running anti-spyware or antivirus programs) will delete this file from the machine so the next time you visit the site, it will look for the file and see it's not there and think you're logging in from an unrecognized computer. All you have to do is provide the answer then check the box again.

I've forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

You can automatically reset your password only if you've already logged in before and set up all of your security information (secure image & passphrase, challenge questions, etc.). If you have not set up this information before, you will need to contact your branch for assistance with logging in.

If you have already set up this information, you will need to do the following (this information is also in the Internet Banking Guide):

  • Enter your Login ID on the main screen then click Submit
  • If you have not recognized the computer, you will need to answer a Challenge Question. If you have, skip to the next step.
  • At the next screen, at the bottom of the screen near the Password field, there is a Forgot Your Password link. Click that.
  • The system will prompt you to answer another Challenge Question to verify your identity.
  • After successfully providing an answer, you will be taken to a screen where you can choose to reset your password and receive a temporary one by email or cancel and keep the same password.

How I reset the answers to my Challenge Questions?

  • If you just want to pick new Challenge Questions & Answers, you will need to log in to Internet Banking then go to Preferences > Change Security Settings. From there, you can reset your image and/or passphrase if you choose. If you do not want to reset them, click Submit without any changes. You will be taken to the next screen where you can reset your Challenge Questions & Answers.
  • If you cannot login and don't remember the answers, you can contact your local branch to have them reset.

I can't see some of my accounts online.

This is most likely because those accounts were opened or modified during the transition between our old Internet Banking and the new system. Contact your local branch to have those added.

Every time I hit the back button in my browser, I receive a page with "Webpage has expired".

This system is not designed to work with the web browsers Back button. You need to use the built in page navigation to move between pages.

I am having trouble registering for Bill Pay.

  • Make sure you have scrolled to the bottom and are checking the disclaimer box before clicking Submit.
  • Try opening Online Banking in a different browser and registering from there.
  • If you are a business customer or someone with an exceptionally long name that pre-fills, try shortening the name.

For Business Customers: I was able to register for Bill Pay but am unable to immediately pay bills.

Often times, our Bill Pay provider needs to validate the business accounts for validity and identity. This can take about 24 hours but is usually approved by the end of the day that you registered. You can verify if this is what is happening by clicking the Funding Accounts menu. If the Status of your account is set to Validating, check back later. When the Status goes to Active, you are able to start paying bills. In the interim, you are always able to start setting up your payees.

I am trying to set up a Deposit Only account but I keep receiving an error message.

This functionality is currently unavailable. We are working on making this feature accessible as quickly as possible.