Intuit (Quicken and Quickbooks) Information

As part of the NEW Internet banking upgrade on June 4th, you will have the ability to download transactions into your Quicken and Quickbooks programs by utilizing Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, or Web Connect.

Please follow these instructions to ensure your transactions convert successfully into these programs after the Internet banking upgrade.

  • Identify the connection that you are currently using to download transactions
  • Identify the connection that you would like to use after the upgrade
  • Select the applicable program and the correct version of the software
  • Download the document and follow the instructions

You will also find a Post Conversion Support Guide that will help you troubleshoot issues that may arise in this transition after the Internet banking upgrade. The guide includes resources for general Quicken and Quickbooks support.

Current Provider's
Supported Connectivity
Future Provider's
Supported Connectivity
(Windows & Mac)
(Windows & Mac)
Web ConnectWeb ConnectDownloadDownload
Express Web ConnectExpress Web ConnectDownloadN/A
Web ConnectDirect ConnectDownloadDownload
Express Web ConnectDirect ConnectDownloadN/A
Web ConnectExpress Web ConnectDownloadN/A
Express Web ConnectWeb ConnectDownloadN/A